My Core Values

Show Up.

Showing up for yourself, your company, your team. Every time. Keeping your word to yourself and others is the number one thing you can do to lead the kind of life you desire.

It's All Your Fault.

Radical ownership of every problem in your business and life is the gateway to radical change. Blaming others takes away your power to change it. Own it so you can OWN IT.

You Cannot Pour from an Empty Cup.

My clients are business owners, spouses, and parents. They have a lot of people that depend on them to be their best. The better they care for themselves the better they can care for all their people. However, we're often the first we neglect. To radically change your business you have to radically change how you treat yourself.

Be Curious.

"One cannot begin to learn that which one believes one already knows." Epictetus 50-135 AD. Science has confirmed that our brains retain their neuroplasticity into adulthood and throughout our lives. Learning is exercise of our brain. Like our bodies, we must train our brains to keep learning even and especially in areas we believe we already know the answer.

Teach Everything You Know.

Teach. Teach. Teach. Become a teacher and mentor to your team and the people in your lives and watch how everything around you grows.

Pay Attention and Listen.

Listen first to your own instincts. They will tell you all you need to know. Also, truly listen to others. They too, will tell you all you need to know. Often we filter the words of others in our lives to morph them into what we want them to be. Likewise, we dismiss our own instincts if they aren't what we think they should be. Stop this. Listen and all you need to know will be there. I teach listening skills to business owners and their teams. Listening is, in my opinion, the most significant key to optimizing teams and producing results.

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