Hiring and Training Front Office

If you're anything like me you've noticed there's a lack in our training, standard of performance, and hiring options for Front Office. We all cross our fingers and hope we can find someone already trained or can slowly have our current business staff train a dental assistant that's ready to transition. Heaven help us if one of our Front Office quits and we have to find a replacement in two weeks!

I've spent many years recruiting and training Front Office, Office Management, and all other administrative positions on the business team as I believe it is the most undertrained, underdeveloped, and underperforming department in almost every dental practice. Which shows that there's tremendous opportunity there!

Launch Event with Idaho Perio for the MDA Front Office Course

I have seen what having an outstanding business team that truly understands the key performance indicators of the department can do for a practice.

It is no small thing when I tell you that if you want higher profitability, more new patients, and more efficient processes in your practice, you need look no further than your Front Office and the hopefully smiling faces you see there.

That's why I started the Masters of Dental Administration School. The first course is up and live! No more hoping for fate to send you someone that can do the job. You can hire ANYONE you want for your Front Office and have them trained right in your office today for an affordable price. Check out our MDA tab, follow the link, and get your Front Office moving toward the results you need!

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