Better to Have a Hole Than an Asshole

Well, if you're still here after reading that title, I'm going to assume you not only like to have real talk, you require it. That's good. That's the exact kind of client (in fact, the only kind of client) I work with. Real talk. No bullshit. Here's the truth: I've been working with dentists and entrepreneurs for nearly 2 decades now, and I've seen some things pop up over and over and over. My clients share some common mistakes. This one is the most common.

What to Do When You're Overwhelmed

Right now, we’re in the throes of a massive, global uncertainty. The COVID-19 pandemic has us all feeling trapped in the gray areas that make us anxious. As human beings, we love to know the "yes" or the "no", and we absolutely hate the "maybe". Maybe sucks. We can't make a plan with "maybe"! It can feel so big and overwhelming right now that we just freeze and do nothing. Or we spin our wheels doing trivial things because we want to feel like we can exercise some sort of control.

When You're a Prisoner in Your Own Practice

You diligently battled through dental school. You picked a great location and set up your practice. You hired people for the positions you needed, bought equipment, bought a home for your family and got to work. You've done it all "right", yet you're feeling stuck and if we're totally honest, alone. Each month you hope you can pay your bills and have a little left over and every single day feels like it's a repeat of the previous 500, like you're a hamster on a wheel. The mirror shows more wrinkles, less or grayer hair, and the glimmer in your eyes has faded. Add to that all the people who are quick to tell you when all your work simply isn't enough and they need more from you. More? How can they possibly want more? You've given so much there's nothing left for yourself and the pressure versus the joy in your life are way out of balance.

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