What to Do When You're Overwhelmed

Right now, we’re in the throes of a massive, global uncertainty. The COVID-19 pandemic has us all feeling trapped in the gray areas that make us anxious. As human beings, we love to know the "yes" or the "no", and we absolutely hate the "maybe". Maybe sucks. We can't make a plan with "maybe"! It can feel so big and overwhelming right now that we just freeze and do nothing. Or we spin our wheels doing trivial things because we want to feel like we can exercise some sort of control.

I work with all kinds of people in different kinds of healthcare practices, but the same principles are always true. Oftentimes, the leaders get bogged down in all the wrong things. They find themselves working hard but not getting anywhere.

It's absolutely necessary to step back as leaders and make sure you are getting the 10,000-foot perspective to know what things deserve attention versus what things are just time-and-energy wasters.

The next mistake I see leaders make is that they see where they want to go, and it feels so big that they get bogged down in the "how". And when I say bogged down, imagine truly having your feet in the mud. Have you ever felt that way when it comes to making changes? Like you can’t even lift your foot up and take the first step, so you don't? It’s a paralysis, to be sure, that can get the best of us.

This is a common problem. As a leader, it's your job to make a plan and know where you're going. The joy truly is in the journey. Take one step in the right direction every day. That's the secret sauce of success.

If you're feeling bogged down today.
If the change feels bigger than you can possibly imagine.
If the problem seems massive.
Just take one step in the right direction.

Here's a list of focus areas that are always important. Pick one, decide what you want to create in your business, and take a step in that direction today.

1- Culture. How we Get Things Done and Treat Each Other

When times are tense, it can cause a lot of turmoil. This often translates into arguments or general tension in your team, and your customers will feel that, too. Have an impromptu catered lunch outside. Bring in treats and give a heartfelt thank-you to your team. Or, (and this one is the most impactful) take a walk with as many as you can this week and just check in. Make the time to show people you care, and they will do the same for each other and your customers. Take a 10-minute loop around the parking lot and ask how they're doing. Tell them your dreams for the company, and thank them for being a part of it.

2- Profit Margin. How we Make Decisions on Investing and Selling

It's an easy time to let fear stop you from investing in the right things right now. That mentality will kill your business. The reality is it's always right to invest in marketing, people, and quality assurance. Turn up the focus on profitability through increased sales and investing to get the results you want. I can go on and on about why this is important, but for now let’s bring to the forefront a universal truth that will serve you well if you respect it, believe in it, and act on it: your confidence creates confidence in your team. And the more confident they are, the better they'll serve your customers. The output? You will see it in your revenue.

3- Self Care. Filling Our Own Cup so we Have Something to Give Our Business and People

If you're feeling worn down, never underestimate the power of a 30-minute walk outside. Be outside and think about the fact that there is always enough oxygen for your next breath. Deep breaths are free--take as many as you need. And while you're at it, read this amazing book Breath by James Nestor (or listen to it while you walk!). It will change your life.

Keep your head and heart up. As sure as the air is free, chapters of uncertainty come and go. With that in mind, let go of the pit-in-your-stomach angst that keeps you stuck in the mud of indecision. Success in business is never a straight line anyway, so don’t waste time waiting for some perfect path to clear up. Take the tenacity you’ve got in you (the one you’ve had that brought you to building your business to begin with) and get reacquainted with the fire that once lit your first steps. Now take one.

Many blessings,

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