Better to Have a Hole Than an Asshole

Well, if you're still here after reading that title, I'm going to assume you not only like to have real talk, you require it. That's good. That's the exact kind of client (in fact, the only kind of client) I work with. Real talk. No bullshit. Here's the truth: I've been working with dentists and entrepreneurs for nearly 2 decades now, and I've seen some things pop up over and over and over. My clients share some common mistakes. This one is the most common.

Let me paint a picture for you, and tell me if you've maybe seen--ahem--lived this scenario before. A young doctor or entrepreneur starts his or her new business. They are bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and green as broccoli. After a few bumps, they realize they need some skilled people to help them. They find one who has the skills they need and can finally take a deep breath after they hire them because that job is being done by someone who knows how! They go back to what they want to do and leave that area to the new hire. Hope it's not too on-the-nose here, but let's just say it's the office manager.

Time goes on, and you start to hear whispers or comments from the team about this person. Then this person outright lies to you, or tells something to the team (or their favorites on the team) that was confidential, and now you're in the midst of a shitstorm of drama and upset people knocking on your door or texting you all weekend. You finally manage to resolve the drama, and life goes back to somewhat normal.

Then a month or two later, the whole thing happens again. Same person. New details. Same shitstorm. And so it goes, over and over.

In your mind, there's a voice saying, “This person needs to go.” But the louder voice of fear-driven mediocrity says: “NO! Where do I even start? Replacing them will be so hard. I don't have time!” So you keep the rotten egg and continue to lose good people, hovering just above the terrible culture that is now your team. They compete with each other. They hate their jobs. They complain and ask for more, more, more but are unwilling to contribute anymore, and they openly resent you. You tell yourself convincing lies to ignore that you're in a cesspool and it's all your fault. Or maybe you distract yourself with the work, ignoring how much the work is suffering under the terrible morale of the business.

Let me tell you something I heard recently summed up like pure bathroom stall poetry:

It's better to have a hole than an asshole.

It truly is. You can have a hole, and guess what? People will fill it. Your people! People on your team will step in and step up! Not only that, but you've now learned what’s truly important to hire for, and you can find an incredible new team member that takes your team and business to the next level. And, as if we needed anymore icing on this cake, your team sees that you finally had their backs and got rid of the nasty dead weight of the asshole manager that made their lives hell. And they start to smile again. If you're really lucky, some of the other bad eggs also decide to go elsewhere, and what you’re left with is the cream of the crop to build something new.

Don't put it off. The reason you clicked, and then read this blog allllll the way to right now, is that you already KNOW who needs to go. If you wanted someone to tell you what to do, here it is: Fire them. Now. Today.

If you want a little help with the process, I created a "How to Fire-and not SET Fire to your company"- PDF for $4.99. Boom. Now get moving.

Many blessings,

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